From a young age, I developed a taste for drawing. Primarily using Posca and Molotow markers, and vinyl paint, I create artworks that oscillate between black and white and the liveliness of color.

My distinct style took shape during my adolescence, spontaneously arising on the pages of my school notebooks.

Initially focused on the interweaving of various patterns, I gradually evolved towards creating characters.

These figures, sometimes very expressive, sometimes subtle, are a reflection of my state of mind and transform according to my imagination.

I strive to evolve these characters, bringing them to life through my works, allowing viewers to identify with them or find new perspectives.

This dynamic interaction between my creations and the audience offers a unique experience, where each look can lead to a new and personal interpretation.

At the age of 21, determined to deepen my passion for art, I chose to devote more time to my artistic practice, alongside my academic studies.